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The Lab Training Club provides volleyball training and clinics


Santa Clarita, CA

Volleyball coach teaching an exercise to setters in a volleyball clinic

"My daughter has visited and trained at several of the top clubs in the LA area and The Lab stands out as an absolute gem."



Skill specific clinics for volleyball training

Highest rated volleyball

training in the

Santa Clarita Valley


Volleyball training for all skill levels

We offer training for all skill levels from beginners to advanced players


Volleyball for year round training

There's no off-season for us, we offer clinics and open gym year round


Coach Caitlin Artis, owner and head coach of The Lab, Volleyball training in Santa Clarita, CA


Coach Caitlin has coached club volleyball and privately trained athletes for over 10 years, several of which have gone on to play at D1 and D2 universities. Coach Caitlin’s style of coaching is anything but lax while keeping the environment inviting and ensuring her athlete’s feel comfortable to grow. She harps on the fundamentals, encourages her players to stretch themselves outside of their comfort zones, and never discounts any player. Her programs are specialized, effective, and guaranteed to improve anyone’s game.


Coach Kasey works more behind-the-scenes within The Lab dealing with operational logistics and is in charge of The Lab’s digital content. Kasey also has a background in Personal Training and is a US Navy Veteran that played All-Navy basketball in the Women’s U.S. Armed Forces Championship. Kasey brings her sports and training knowledge to The Lab and assists Coach Caitlin in programming Speed, Agility, and Vertical Training into her camps and clinics.


The Lab Training Club provides volleyball training and clinics

The Lab was created by Caitlin Artis and Kasey Weldon to provide athletes a place to develop their skills in an environment that encourages them to grow physically and mentally. We want to develop leading athletes, but more importantly, great people. We want to give our athletes a place to push themselves, grow, and reach their full potential. This is what we aspire to also give our employees and everyone we come into contact with. We strive to achieve this through a method we call, GO, GROW, & THRIVE where we: GO.. FOR IT GROW.. THROUGH IT & THRIVE.. BECAUSE OF IT This is a philosophy that we believe, if practiced daily, will be the reminder and motivator that encourages us to reach that next level.


Have a question about our programs, where your athlete should start, or anything else? Reach out and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

15853 Monte St, Unit 104, Sylmar, CA

23857 The Old Rd, Newhall, CA

*Location is dependent on offering. Please view location in booking details when registering.

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